Birmingham, finally!

January 16, 2018


Not to bore you out of your gourd with more book things, but this is such a crazy learning experience for me and I have such good news!  Writing a book is totally different from marketing and selling a book. A publisher only does so much and I have to do the rest, which of course makes me sad because I thought I would be lounging around in France and eating chocolates while the royalty checks rolled in. – (and anyone who has ever written a book in the past 10 years is rolling on the floor with laughter – unless their name is Fannie Flagg!).

**Update: Just today on sweetie-pie Rhoda’s blog, Southern Hospitality, she’s giving away a copy of my book for someone who leaves a comment on her blog! Visit her and enter HERE.

Hey Fannie! Just let me touch you on the back for this picture and I’ll have writer’s luck for-evahhhh!


So . . . I’ve been getting HUGE response from my dear readers in Brimingham who want a book signing, and because of the Christmas holidays, it has been terribly hard to schedule . . . until, fabulous Barnes and Noble at The Summit agreed to host me on Saturday, February 17th beginning at 11am! Barnes and Noble is HUGE and it’s a major, exciting, jumping up and down kind of excitement for me to be in their beautiful store!

Now, at most signings, they only want you to come if you are buying a book, but I know many of you in Birmingham already received the book from Santa, and many of you know me from just my column, but I want you all to know, everyone is invited! Even if you already have the book and want me to sign it, I’m sure there are a billion other things you can look at inside Barnes and Noble and they’ll be cool with you coming to say hello.

If you are in the Birmingham area or know someone there, please come by for the fun on the 17th . I’ve already called my college boy there and told him he has to attend. He was in a car full of kids who just went to a movie, and they all screamed into the phone that they’d be there. Instant fun!

Thank you to Barnes and Noble at The Summit and thanks to all of you for spreading the word! Hope to see you there!

(And hold on Huntsville and other towns, I’ll be adding you soon).

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