Pretty (big) ‘ole blueberry pie

July 11, 2016


Blueberries from Robertsdale Alabama - Leslie Anne Tarabella -blog

What to do with all these lovely blueberries from Robertsdale? Hmmm. I think I’ll make PIE!

Making homemade blueberry pie - Leslie Anne Tarabella blog.The recipe itself isn’t important. You can find any blueberry pie recipe on the internet. (There’s a link to the version I based this on at the end). I wanted to do something really pretty for my family’s 75th annual reunion. A large crowd was anticipated, so I decided to double the ingredients and use a large casserole dish to make a huge  lattice pie to feed the crowd.


Making homemade blueberry pie - Leslie Anne Tarabella blog.

Little dots of butter over berries, tossed with sugar, cinnamon, all-purpose flour, corn starch, lemon juice and a tiny pinch of nutmeg. I know! Nutmeg is unheard of in blueberry pie, but I took a chance and it gave it that je ne sais quoi and everyone raved!

Making homemade blueberry pie - Leslie Anne Tarabella blog.My college degree in elementary education came in handy once again as I rolled the dough into long “snakes” just like play-dough to create the vines for my leaves. I remember staying up late at night studying the play-dough moves.


Making homemade blueberry pie - Leslie Anne Tarabella blog.I used a knife to hand-cut some of the latticework and the larger leaves, then used cookie cutters for the other designs. I dipped the cut-outs in an egg wash and just stuck them on. Here’s the pie after baking for only about 15 minutes. I covered some of the larger dough cut-outs around the edges with foil to prevent them from getting too dark



If hot-bubbling pie from the oven is your thing, you’ll love the 12 second video above. Scratch your screen to release the amazing aroma!


Making homemade blueberry pie - Leslie Anne Tarabella blog.I added a few more flowers and leaves I had baked separately to cover some of the splatter from the lava-hot berries bubbling over, and I’m happy to report it looked and tasted just right!


Making homemade blueberry pie - Leslie Anne Tarabella blog.I guess everyone else thought so too.



I didn’t follow this recipe exactly (what’s new?), but I based my pie on this Betty Crocker recipe (HERE). 


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  1. Leslie Anne, your pie looks delicious and it did turn our so pretty. Yes, looks like everyone else thought so too!
    I did the scratch thing, and it smelled so good:)

    1. So glad my new aroma system worked. Later this week I’ll show you my son’s socks on the floor.

  2. I love the way you added the artistic dough touches Leslie Anne, so pretty! I will try to remember nutmeg, sounds intriguing!

    1. The decorating part was far more fun than the cooking part. I could have kept going with the little flowers.

  3. So many today talk about the Acai berry, protein powder shakes, and kale juicers. I’d rather have a blueberry pie with pretty flowers on it any day of the week!

    1. But if they made blueberry wine (I’m sure they have somewhere) would you reconsider the cute blue fruit?

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