Berry good days at Princess Farms

May 28, 2018


Well, I wasn’t the one who planted the blueberry bushes, but I sure have been busy harvesting the crop!


Here I am farming,  still in my nightgown and bare feet. (welcome to Princess Farms).


 I mixed the blueberries with a little bit of this and that (recipe link at the bottom) — added a few sprigs of lemon thyme from my herb garden,then popped it all in the oven . .  .


While the pie baked, I played with my new pool peacock (this is when the tropical storm was predicted to be smack on top of us. —these overly dramatic meteorologists are crying wolf and creating a future problem, if you ask me). This is my sad 15 year old swimsuit, but spontaneous toe-pointing gets me extra points. After having such a hard April and most of May feeling terrible from my heart issues, it was a great to be able to relax for a few days. I think Peacock and I will become good friends this summer.


When I opened the oven, there was a great-smelling Memorial Day blueberry-lemon thyme pie!


A little ice-cream. Mmmm!

Speaking of pies — This is a photo of a cherry pie I made earlier this year for a dear friend who had heart surgery. My heart procedure was the poking around kind, but his was the harsher “cutting” variety. When I saw him after the surgery, he said, “I’d like a cherry pie.” I’ve learned anesthesia gives you specific cravings, So, how can you say no to a friend who wants cherry pie?

Fresh berries, big kid home from (post) college with lots of friends, a storm that ended up missing us, feeling good enough to go outside and work in the blueberry “fields”and a day to celebrate all the heroic men and women who gave their lives for our amazing country. I’m thankful for a berry, berry good weekend. 

Basic fruit pie

I’ve made this so many times, I don’t even measure, but here is my basic fruit pie recipe from ALL RECIPES 

I also dot a few little pats of butter in the mix, and usually cut the sugar down just a bit. I also add a dash of lemon juice, and in the case of the blueberry-lemon thyme pie, also threw in some of the thyme, which once baked, you didn’t even see, but it tasted great.

Happy Memorial Day to all of you!





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