Berry good days at Princess Farms

May 28, 2018


Well, I wasn’t the one who planted the blueberry bushes, but I sure have been busy harvesting the crop!


Here I am farming,  still in my nightgown and bare feet. (welcome to Princess Farms).


 I mixed the blueberries with a little bit of this and that (recipe link at the bottom) — added a few sprigs of lemon thyme from my herb garden,then popped it all in the oven . .  .


While the pie baked, I played with my new pool peacock (this is when the tropical storm was predicted to be smack on top of us. —these overly dramatic meteorologists are crying wolf and creating a future problem, if you ask me). This is my sad 15 year old swimsuit, but spontaneous toe-pointing gets me extra points. After having such a hard April and most of May feeling terrible from my heart issues, it was a great to be able to relax for a few days. I think Peacock and I will become good friends this summer.


When I opened the oven, there was a great-smelling Memorial Day blueberry-lemon thyme pie!


A little ice-cream. Mmmm!

Speaking of pies — This is a photo of a cherry pie I made earlier this year for a dear friend who had heart surgery. My heart procedure was the poking around kind, but his was the harsher “cutting” variety. When I saw him after the surgery, he said, “I’d like a cherry pie.” I’ve learned anesthesia gives you specific cravings, So, how can you say no to a friend who wants cherry pie?

Fresh berries, big kid home from (post) college with lots of friends, a storm that ended up missing us, feeling good enough to go outside and work in the blueberry “fields”and a day to celebrate all the heroic men and women who gave their lives for our amazing country. I’m thankful for a berry, berry good weekend. 

Basic fruit pie

I’ve made this so many times, I don’t even measure, but here is my basic fruit pie recipe from ALL RECIPES 

I also dot a few little pats of butter in the mix, and usually cut the sugar down just a bit. I also add a dash of lemon juice, and in the case of the blueberry-lemon thyme pie, also threw in some of the thyme, which once baked, you didn’t even see, but it tasted great.

Happy Memorial Day to all of you!





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  1. Dear Ms. Leslie, your pie looks beyond yummie!
    Here you are still recouperating, and you pick berries and bake a pie!
    It is a treat just to see someone actually baking a homemade pie!

    There you are enjoying pool time, in a bathing suit you have had for a while!
    Please tell me,by any chance, is your suit a Lilly? Looks like it just might be, and a real keeper,
    Bless you, and continue to get your strength up and at it and your “old”self back soon,

    1. Hi Arlene! Relaxing is my new superpower. I used to hate sitting around, but now I’ve kind of found my new gift. If I were i Miss America right now, my talent would be lounging. The old suit is a Ralph Lauren and I love it because it has a matching little wrap-around skirt. So helpful when I need to cover up and be modest!

  2. So glad you are feeling so much better! Your beautiful pie is making me rethink blueberry picking. My dear neighbor across our pond planted blueberry bushes across the back of the dam, and I gleefully waded in with a bucket to harvest the bounty. By nightfall I was covered in chigger bites from head to toe. It was so traumatic, I’ve been buying from the produce stand instead for 20 years now!!

    1. The worst chigger attack I’ve ever had was picking wild blueberries. I guess having them in my suburban backyard next to the roses helps. I don’t blame you for purchasing the berries. Chiggers are evil little things!

  3. I am dying for one of those fun giant floats, you look tres comfortable! Your pies look divine, and the cherry one is so sweet…keep pampering yourself with Peacock!

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