Before and after and here we go again

October 6, 2020


Gulf Coast Hurricane Sally Fairhope AL -

Before Hurricane Sally.

Gulf Coast Hurricane Sally Fairhope AL -

After Hurricane Sally.

I couldn’t have told you what the neighbor’s houses looked like before the storm. You can look at the house in the distance and see the blue tarps on their roof.

Everyone in town can show you similar photos. It’s not just me. We’re all in the same boat and sick to our stomachs that our beautiful town looks like a war zone. Yes, we loved the privacy of the beautiful trees, but like Bob said, “It’s nothing that money and 20 years can’t fix.” — He’s a little ray of sunshine, that man.

The silver lining is, I’ve always wanted to move that little gray tool shed. It’s the first thing you see out our window when you walk in the front door, so now, we can put it anywhere we want. Yea! Life is good!

Gulf Coast Hurricane Sally Fairhope AL -

Out of state contractors have brought their giant double trailer dump trucks to haul away debris. They are working frantically to remove the last bit of debris before . . . the next Hurricane Delta this weekend. Anything left on the side of the road from the first storm, branches, heavy tree trunks, pieces of fences and roofs will become dangerous projectiles in a second storm.

Everyone is exhausted from cleaning and have just now settled back into some sort of routine. Schools just reopened and now, we’re faced with another big storm. Right now, it seems like it will move further west towards Louisiana, but then again, that’s what we thought about Sally.

Author Leslie Anne Tarabella

While we stock up on ice and water and pull the outdoor furniture back inside — and this time, take the pumpkins off the front porch, I’ll be giving this project a final once-over. Hurricanes make a great time to review a book project. Bob: “Why do you insist on printing everything out?” Me: “To hold, like a long-awaited baby.” — more on the new book soon!

Thank you for praying for the weary and jumbled Gulf Coast.

  • Watching the weather news last night with it’s possible path I hoped that it was moving further away from Mobile. And then felt bad that it still meant that someone else was going to be on the end of it. Praying for it to be less damaging than expected, wherever it lands. Your first two pictures, before and after, are unbelievable, the whole landscape like an entirely different location if it weren’t for the pool in the foreground. Take care, all of you there!

    • Thanks Dewena. It’s shocking, but I feel like you, so sorry this Delta will hit anyone at all.

  • Oh Leslie Anne, that is so sad you lost those beautiful trees…I was sick with stress for 2 weeks after Sally and just can’t believe Mother Nature would be this cruel…I don’t want anyone in harm’s way, but I am praying for miracles…I hope your beautiful Fairhope escapes without further damage this time ?

    • Thanks Jenna. As of now on Wed, Delta looks like it’s headed away from us. We’re staying alert. Thanks for the good wishes. I understand your stress. You and a lot to deal with at the beach.

  • Great update on our situation here in Fairhope. Yes, prep time again. Ugh! Take care sweet friend.

    • Thanks, you too Sandra. Hope your beautiful corner of the world is okay!

  • Leslie Anne, you literally were the first person I thought of when this storm roared up. It looks like it’s tracking more west (towards our Bernard relatives), but who knows. Time to start the “impact” drinking game…every time the weather guys say Impact, have a glass. I always feel guilty trying to pray a storm away from us or loved ones because that means someone else gets clobbered. But I’m praying for Fairhope.

    • Thanks Roxanne, I also have trouble praying this storm moves West because, there are pretty good people west of us! I’ve decided to pray it all just slows down in strength, but keeps moving fast. Sally was so devastating because it was slow moving and soaked all the tree roots. Move fast/slow winds. Is that possible?

  • The before and after says it all! How devastating! What a loss of all those trees and your privacy. Of course the main thing is you are safe. I pray this storm will not be the monster they say it could be. Hopefully it will be well away. Right now we are in the cone, we could get a lot of rain, wind and tornados. Stay safe………

    • This Delta storm keeps moving. So far, away from us, but Sally also moved quickly – our way. Keep alert and safe. Hope you’ll be okay.

  • Margaret Neely says:

    We are hoping the high 12 ft high wall of trees and branches in front of our house will be gone before Delta hits – they haven’t cleared anything from our street.

    • I saw them out working like crazy yesterday, so maybe they’ll get to your house today. Our neighborhood had all the tree debris moved out, but now we have wooden fence sections stacked everywhere.

  • Your poor yard! What a shock. Prayers for safety again this week.

    • Shock is right. I still stand stunned every time I walk out there. It could be worse – we are safe and the house is (almost) good. (Leaky windows) Thanks for the prayers.

  • My daughter is down there. Please take care of her.

    • Oh, I she needs anything I think you have my number. Tell her to call. I’m hoping this Delta storm is moving further west.

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