Becky’s New Car will make you smile

July 19, 2017


Before I tell you about my new favorite play, let me tell you how I met the featured actress. Kim McKenzie and I were sitting back to back at tables in Latte’ Da Coffee shop a few years ago, both of us waiting on friends. If you know her and you know me, it’s no surprise the two of us started chatting away — even though we were strangers. Thirty minutes later, we adored each other and had laughed so loud, other people were staring. It was then, Kim realized she was waiting for her friend at the wrong coffee shop, and it was then, that I knew she and I had a lot in common!

All of this back-story to say . . . Kim is a ball of fire, hilarious and quite the drama queen — which in this case, is a great thing

Starring in Theatre 98‘s new play, Becky’s New Car, Kim and the rest of the cast knock it out of the park.


I loved this play, and was laughing, then getting teary-eyed the next minute.

The big surprise of the night, which often happens in small-town theatre, is that one of the characters looked exactly like a friend of mine from church, and it took me a while to realize it WAS him! Jeff Lovingood was fabulous in his role of Steve, the sad, yet philosophical car salesman. In one of his moments on stage, I laughed at his lines, but by the time he got to the end, he had me feeling so sorry for the character! Jeff told me he’s never acted before this, except for playing the role of Roman Soldier #3 in the 10th grade. He was incredible!


There were seven main actors in the show, and they all had great lines and fun moments.

Dean Nettles, Richard Foster and Nick Youngblood were so perfect in their roles. It was amazing to me to discover this was only Dean’s second time ever to appear in a play.


Hannah Lee Darrough and Trish Scarpuzzi are fun and convincing as their characters.

Trish is so nice, but she plays the snooty society vixen well.


Hannah Lee has studied theatre in college, and wins the award for most beautiful hair! I expect to see her in a shampoo commercial soon!


Director Jonne Thornton did a wonderful job planning out the audience participation parts, and it’s very funny to see the actors interact this way. As I always do, I’ll rate it for you according to child-friendly guidelines. It receives a rating of PG-13 for a smattering of bad words. I’d say older teens and up would enjoy this.

Becky is in a mid-life rut, and although she has an adoring husband, dabbles with the idea of making a change. The criss-cross happenings are packed with surprising twists that you won’t see coming!


If you are local, you need to grab tickets for this show while you can. I’m expecting it to be a huge hit for Theatre 98. And by the way, when the Theatre Board of Directors reviewed this play it was the only time they can remember approving any play for production with a unanimous vote. I totally agree with that vote!

My little coffee shop friend has grow into a very fine actress, indeed!


Becky’s New Car runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday on July 21-23, 28 – 30, and August 4-6.

Click HERE to contact Theatre 98 and order tickets.Their box office number is: 251-928-4366.

  • SANDY HILL says:

    “Becky’s New Car” was my first performance to attend at Theatre 98 and my friend and I found it throughly entertaining. I can see now why it was voted on unanimously to produce!
    The free tickets at dress rehearsal night are the best deal in town as the actors knew their lines perfectly.
    I’ll be back !

  • Becky sounds like a wonderful new friend to keep you laughing and a wonderful actress. The play sounds like a good way to spend an evening……happy Saturday.

  • Oh, sounds so fun!! How funny to be watching people you know act, I bet that was really incredible! I just love Theatre 98, there is no place like it, a true gem!

    • It really is a special place. I remember taking my boys there when they were little to see Annie and I think we also saw The Sound of Music. In all the years I’ve attended plays there, I’ve only seen one I wasn’t wild about, but like you said, the theatre itself is so wonderful, it was still a great experience. Hope you get to see Becky’s New Car!

  • Trish Scarpuzzi says:

    Thank you Leslie for the nice review. This really is a fun cast to work with and we appreciate an audience who supports us! It was a pleasure meeting you!!

    • I’ve loved seeing you on stage since Bye Bye Birdie! You’ve definitely got the gift and brought laughter to us. The audience is going to love you in this role, even though you make us think you’re a snoot! Great work!

  • Richard Foster says:

    This show has been so much fun to work on. Kim is amazing and Jeff keeps us all laughing. Thank you for the kind words and I am so glad you enjoyed the show…

    • You were so amazing and truly had some of the deeper parts! Such a joy to have a good, fun evening that didn’t involve a TV or complaining teenagers! Thanks for the joyful event, and break a leg!

  • LaSha Powell says:

    It was hilarious to me to hear how you two met. Kim and I met a few years ago the same way! We were both waiting on friends for lunch at Andree’s! She invited me to her Cockroach Hall play. I cannot wait to see her new play!

    • Hilarious! You are going to love this play. Kim is totally her, but totally the character of Becky as well. Let me know how you like it.

    • It is going to bring in crowds, for sure.Maybe next time there’s a play you’ll be in our area.

  • Kim McKenzie says:

    Awww- thank you for the gracious words & excellent review. I’ve had a great time ‘finding’ Becky; I believe she is a character to which many women can relate. The cast is stellar & I’m honored to share the stage w/them all. Jeff is amazing- although this is his first play, he is made for the stage. I hope he plans to perform, again, in the future. As you mentioned, this is Dean’s second show; his first play, like Jeff, was with me, as well!! Two years ago!

    I love yours & my ‘meet-cute’ story. Destiny & Kismet, for us two firecrackers to have met, a few years ago! I loved hearing your laughter in the audience.

    Thank you again, and it was a pleasure to have met your husband after your viewing of ‘Becky’s New Car’.

    -Kim McKenzie

    • Thanks Kim. This entire cast is absolutely perfect and all of you were able to shine in your own ways. You were made for the stage, and I know you are going big places. I’ve heard Meryl Streep is worried! Break a leg, I know this show will be a huge success!

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