B&B Pecan Company

December 5, 2013


B & B Pecan

Sandra and Clarence Bishop have been operating the family owned B&B Pecan Co. for 56 years.
Located in Fairhope Alabama, the company began when Sandra was looking for a way to create a home – based career to stay home with her first child.
A mail order pecan business?
Why not?
B & B Pecans
B&B Pecans has grown over the years. The Bishops have raised three children and the family now includes their children’s spouses and twelve grandchildren.
The retail store is behind their home on Highway 98 and this time of year, they are going full speed ahead, fulfilling orders to be shipped all over the world.
Gift Shop Fairhope Alabama
Locals know to come load up on goodies for the holidays, and people all across the country know that B&B Pecan Co. is the perfect place for mail order gifts.
Pecan Varieties
Study it well, there will be a test.
Daughter Mona now runs the day to day operations, but Clarence and Sandra
are always on hand to greet customers and assist with order fulfillment.
I have to tell you that Clarence is a favorite local character of mine. I sat next to him a few times at  meetings, and almost got in trouble for laughing so hard. He and Sandra are diligent workers, kind and honest friends and such very fun people!
Cheese Straws
And yes, if you live in the South, you have to have an excellent recipe for cheese straws, or people will discuss you.
B&B’s Cheese Straws will never disappoint.
I’ve even heard of someone I know trying to pass off the B&B Cheese Straws as her own.
At least I put them on my own silver dish, honey!
Deep South Cookbook
Cookbooks, pecan oils, candy and of course pecans are all available for an instant holiday gift.
Make plans to visit the Bishops on your next trip to Fairhope. They are one of the nicest Fairhope families you will find, and their snacks are a tasty treat from Sweet Home Alabama!
Click here to go to B&B Pecan Co.’s web site, and order
some pecans for me. I’ll go pick them up myself.
Why, thank ya’, darlin’!
B&B Pecan Co.
16151 Greeno Road (Hwy 98), Fairhope, AL 36532
1-800-732-6812 or (251) 928-9031
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