Baby Buford doesn’t need a computer

November 9, 2016


img_0112“Oh darling, I can’t wait until we have adorable children so we can plop them in front of a giant TV, shove a screen in front of their faces while we drive through picturesque countryside and let them drool on our phones while the two of us have lively dinner conversation.” — said no one ever.


I guess I was in the last wave of parents who didn’t have a gazillion electronic options for keeping my children occupied, and I’m glad about that. I mainly relied on a little bag of books, Hot Wheels and Legos to entertain the boys while we traveled or waited somewhere.


Part of my aversion to entertaining children with technology stems from my background in early childhood education and seeing firsthand the damage it inflicts on developing brains, but the other reason I don’t like it is because I have, umm, how do I say this . . . common sense. Sure, there are lots of things I don’t know, but those topics would bore you, so let’s just move ahead and let me thrill you with my expertise (I’ll be sure to save this for my future daughters-in-law someday. They’ll love it).


But seriously now, doesn’t it make sense that if a child doesn’t interact and observe humans having real-life conversations, they won’t know how . . . click HERE to finish the story on


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