Spring Break in Atlanta

April 13, 2015


flowers in parkThe plan was to spend the week in Atlanta, this time not exclusively hanging out with family and friends as usual, but visiting the tourist spots we so often overlook. Spring has already come and gone at our home in Fairhope, but it was just beginning to burst wide open in this part of Georgia, so we got a double dose of beauty this year!

DSC01241We stayed downtown within view of the Ferris Wheel that was originally located in Pensacola. We were sad to see it move to Atlanta (rolling up the Interstate) but it’s loaded with riders in this new location, right across the street from Centennial Park.
statue CollageThis (very dark and terrible photo) is the statue of the founder of the modern Olympic movement, Baron Pierre de Coubertin. He held my Waffle House Coffee while I juggled packages and my camera. My husband and I, along with our then 3 month old son, were in Olympic park just hours before the terrible bombing in 1996. I prophetically commented as we entered the park that day, that I was surprised there were no bag-check security stations at the park’s entrance like they had at all the other venues.

RLCollage3We shopped till we dropped at Lenox Square. I hadn’t been there since the addition of the two story Ralph Lauren Store. Sigh . . .  that’s me in the bottom left photo, hanging out in one of the gorgeous show rooms. The navy and white decor just called to me!

Tesla CollageMuch to the delight of my husband and son, Tesla had a showroom. While the men looked at cars, my cousin met us for lunch and she and I spent most of the time playing with her adorable baby, so I did squeeze in some family time.

Varsity WindowWe had to get an FO (and onion rings) at The Varsity before we hit a few museums.


RhettRhett Butler in a box. He still looks great.

No photo, but we ate at the revolving Sundial Restaurant which is the on the 72nd floor of the Westin Peachtree Tower. While we were there, my husband remembered it was exactly 22 years to the day that he and I had a very special romantic date in that exact spot! He’s good for remembering dreamy things like that.


dancing seniorsThis is a shot of an Atlanta Hawks game, when the “Dancing Seniors” took to the floor during a break in the game. This group put the regular cheerleaders on notice! My son was totally embarrassed that a bunch of Moms – and Grandmothers would shake their “stuff” like this, so of course I told him I couldn’t wait to audition! (MOM!!! That’s NOT FUNNY!!!) I thought it was hilarious.


pole holeAnother family moment came when we visited my brother who is in the process of building a house. You will read a lot more about his interesting project in the weeks and months to come, but just as a teaser, here’s the place he’ll put the fire pole. That’s what I said. F-i-r-e- P-o-l-e. Did I ever tell you I have a creative brother who is also a builder? Stay tuned . . .


Downtown MariettaAnd of course, we can’t stay away from Marietta. It’s such a beautiful town and we love strolling around the square. So many new shops and things to see every time we are there. Over the course of the week, we ate my favorite pizza (Antico), fabulous, spicy Indian food (goat masala),  Asian-Tex Mex fusion, BBQ, and chili dogs from The Varsity. Needless to say, I’m now home now, recovering from vacation.

There’s no place like home.



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