A Stunning Artist’s Loft and surprise portrait

May 29, 2014


Fabulous Paige.


PaigeSummers - Leslie Anne Tarabella
I’ve mentioned my friend, artist Paige August Summers before but I’ve never shown you her fabulous, dreamy home.

Her new contact info can be found HERE.

Paige Summers artist in Fairhope, AlabamaTrue to her inner creative muse, Paige’s home is a work of art unto itself. She lives in a loft space, which is difficult to find in our area. Her windows have views of tree tops that allow soft light to flicker in. Paige explained that because she thinks “in colors” which are constantly swirling through her head, she wanted her artist’s loft to be a neutral white oasis to provide a visual break from all of the vivid images she deals with throughout the day.


Paige Summers - Fairhope Alabama

Paige is never boring. She styles herself with GLAMOR being a “must.” This is the same philosophy Paige uses to paint her clients. “Everyone has an inner beauty that needs to shine through” she said. “My job is to make women feel beautiful and glamorous . . . we all deserve it!” On this day, Paige was wearing a paint “enhanced” T-shirt, custom cut to be glamorous, of course, and she paired it with the ball gown skirt from a vintage wedding gown given to her by a friend.


No one else but Paige has this kind of style!

Paige Summers - Fairhope ALThese are examples of Paige’s Eyes and Lipstick series – except these have added text at the top.


Paige is swamped right now with orders for her “Eyes and Lipstick” special. If you send her a photo of yourself that you love, she will do the rest by creating a one of a kind, original drawing of your beautiful, magnificent face!  Details are at the bottom of this post, but let me tell you, this is a huge deal, considering Paige previously worked for Chanel, Yves St. Laurent, Lancome and even Paloma Picasso.
Paige Summers - Artist Fairhope Alabama
Paige has used her loft’s neutral theme and arranged it into a spaces for kitchen, dining, sleeping and painting. Above, is her office area. The beautiful old pine floors give a warm feel to the giant room. The high ceilings with overhead beams are where Paige has hung yards and yards of billowing white draperies. The fabric blows in the breeze when she opens the doors that lead to a romantic balcony area.

Leslie Anne Tarabella blog, artist in Fairhope, AlabamaI would be a nervous wreck with all these bright colored paints and white furnishings, but Paige never worries a bit. “When you’ve been doing it as long as I have, it just all seems to work out fine.” she told me.


Paige Summers, Artist in Fairhope Alabama

Much used and loved painting tools.


Leslie Anne Tarabella, Fairhope AlabamaAnd guess who Paige is sketching now?

As we were sitting around, laughing and looking at all her fabulous work, Paige started a new project for my husband! He had asked Paige to do my portrait – and here’s what we were saying . . .

“OH, NO! I would never be that saucy!”

“Yes!  Sit still and just let me finish – you’ll love it!”

“But I’m a denim shirt and pearls kind of girl. I don’t think I can do “glamorous!”

“Just wait and see . . . hubby will love it and you will too.”

“I sit in car pool lines and get excited over ripe tomatoes at the Piggly Wiggly.”

“Stop talking so much and just smile. Stop laughing! Smile!”

“Yikes!”  . . . “Hey . . . I’m smokin’ HOT! . . . I LOVE IT!!”

Leslie Anne Tarabella, Fairhope Alabama with Paige Summers, artist.

All ladies need to feel pampered sometimes, right? (I’m trying to figure out how to use this as my driver’s license photo)

Thanks, Paige.



Oprah looks her loveliest when Paige takes over.
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