Art on a Limb — First Place Winner!

September 26, 2016


library-outsideWell, I know you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat to find out who won the Art on a Limb competition in Downtown Fairhope! The top spot awarded by a team of expert judges went to . . .  The Fairhope Public Library! You can see part of their display on the front columns of the building (Disregard the safety cones. It’s an ongoing  thorn in our side).

library-2Volunteers knitted and stitched a cover for both sides which included colorful books.


library-3One side says, “A Tall Tale.” and the other side said, “A Good Yarn.” Get it? “yarn?” Hahaha. Clever librarians!


library-4So glad our huge thunderstorms haven’t damaged these beautiful displays.


art-on-a-limb-11And as if that weren’t enough, there are two trees on the corner that feature cute kids doing their favorite thing — playing video games! Just kidding, they’re reading, of course!


art-on-a-limb-09One sits in a chair and the other is swinging.


library-6The entire display is precious and someone really took great care to include small details that you really have to see in person to appreciate.


library-7I hope these little girls find a home inside the library after the display is removed on September 30th.


Over in the flower bed, beneath the flags, there is a crocheted note written with a pencil made of yarn.What a coincidence,  I love Fairhope too!


Don’t forget! There is one more “People’s Choice Award” to be handed out at the end of the installation. Vote for your favorite tree by donating a dollar inside the local sponsoring business. All proceeds benefit our wonderful Eastern Shore Art Center.


If you are in our area, be sure to hurry downtown to see the trees before the festive display is gone! It all comes down September 30th! Click HERE to see my previous story with photos of the other trees.

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