Around the town and a little blog test

March 13, 2017


I’m having issues with the program that emails my blog to those of you who have subscribed to receive it that way, so I’m sending out this little test email to see if you get it or not. If you don’t get it — let me know. Hahahaha! To make it worth while . . . here are some things from around town, beginning with this charming cottage-near-the-castle.

This is the new house on the grounds of The Mosher Castle. It’s for rent and is perfect for someone who wants to be in the smack-dab-center of all the fun Fairhope action. Here, the McGuire’s Pipe Band from Pensacola has shown up to serenade and bless the house a few weeks ago. If you are interested in renting this fantasy-filled cottage, call Mannich Realty at 251-928-0404.


Joseph completed his Youth Ambassador program, sponsored by The Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce. This is their graduation program at Three Rivers Delta Center. Students from several local high schools met once a month throughout this past school year for tours of local areas of industry and commerce. They visited peanut and sweet potato farms and processing plants, the hospital, local law enforcement agencies and had a fun scavenger hunt to learn more of the local history. I can’t recommend this program enough to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. Admittance to the program is through application and a personal interview held each spring. For more information, click HERE.



I learned a new word.



I was unloading the clean laundry from the dryer and preparing to fold it (I gave the staff the day off since I’m a kind ruler), and Lois Lane plopped herself in the middle of the pile and said, “I dare you to move me.”


Lucy Hunnicutt had a wonderful show at the Eastern Shore Art Center and displayed her collection of small paintings, each with a unique name and story all on a compact canvas. I think it’s there until the end of the month if you’d like to see it.

And of course, this coming weekend is the HUGE Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival along with the Art Center’s Outdoor Art Show. Two amazing shows in one! It will be open Friday through Sunday.


Bob and I found a new restaurant in the Eastern Shore Shopping Center. La Dolce Vita Bistro has great Italian food, and the staff told us the owners are actually Italian.


We’re bundling up for one more blast of winter, although it’s nothing like in the North East! 54° here mid-day. I hope the early blooming flowers don’t freeze at night! Hope you have a wonderful week!




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