Anne Byrn Saves The Day

October 23, 2014




Anne Byrn. Does her name ring a bell? Where have I heard that before?




Oh my gracious! She’s THE CAKE MIX DOCTOR!!!

You know that like me, you’ve loved this cookbook for years! After I packed away, or gave away most of my cookbooks, because the ease of the internet kept recipes just a click away, The Cake Mix Doctor stayed right at my fingertips. I’ve had it on my countertop for years, or actually, beneath my countertop, because I’ve never wanted anyone to know my secret weapon for being able to whip out custom – flavored cake masterpieces! It’s my little secret.  Sshhh!9780761176107

And now, Anne has another home-run hit for your countertop – or beneath, “Anne Byrn Saves the Day” is her latest release for everything you could possibly want to know about quick, easy dishes to prepare, that work every time. Tried and true recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, main courses and of course, her famous one-of-a-kind desserts are included.

Each recipe comes with notes about where the recipe came from and tips for making preparation easy – uh, actually, easier.

03_26_MiniCinnamonRolls_060aDon’t these mini-cinnamon rolls look gourmet? Ha! They are made with the secret weapon of store-bought crescent rolls! Be still my heart. The way the ingredients work together, no one would ever know they weren’t made from scratch! There’s even a two-step process for an orange glaze.


The 125 tried and true recipes include savory dishes like, “Ina’s Sweet and Sour Brisket,” “Janet’s Church Lady Casserole,” (love the name!) and the one I will be making this weekend as an appetizer for a small soiree’ at a friend’s house is, “Jana’s Cheese Olivettes.”

05_57_ChocolateChipSkilletCookie_018This “Big Skillet Chocolate Chip Blondie” cookie recipe only has eight main ingredients (ice-cream on top is optional) and can be mixed, baked and served all in the same pan.

Anne served as the food editor for The Atlanta Journal Constitution and The Tennessean, and with over 3.5 MILLION books in print, this Southern Lady is the go-to queen of well-loved dishes. iu-6And you knew there had to be more to the story, didn’t you? (jump up and down now) Guess what? Guess what?

Anne Byrn will be in Fairhope this coming Tuesday, October 28th at 2:30pm at our favorite independent bookstore, Page and Palette! And yes, there will be samples, so come join the fun and meet Anne in person. Not only will you want a cookbook for your own kitchen, but remember that the gift -giving season is quickly approaching and this is the perfect gift for all types of cooks.

Marion’s Pumpkin Bread

For my readers in the Birmingham, Atlanta, New Orleans and Mississippi areas, Anne will also be in your neck of the woods, so don’t fret! CLICK HERE to see when she’ll be near you! (She’ll even be venturing all the way to places like Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan!)

Anne Byrne Saves the Day is a cookbook that will never be replaced in my kitchen by the internet!


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