Looking snappy for Easter

March 23, 2016


Retro ladies at EasterThey’re no relation to me, but I love their hats and gloves! Easter is such a joyful day, it’s a day to bring out your best, whether that means something already in your closet or if you’re lucky, a new frock.


A lovely outfit for Easter.This is a beautiful outfit that would be perfect for Easter, except that here in Fairhope, we are being told there’s a 70% chance of rain! Oh no! There go all the Easter bonnets! These shoes would have to be replaced with chunky rain boots. Boo!


New Orleans Easter Parade

Here’s an image from the New Orleans Easter Parade a few years ago. That’s one parade in New Orleans I’d love to see. Just a bit more tame than Mardi Gras, I imagine.


Easter girlsThese girls look just like the teenagers at my church when I was a little girl. They would always dress so nicely and I thought they were supermodels who would occasionally babysit me.


Easter BarbieOf course, Barbie rocks Easter. That girl has it all together. She’s a stewardess and veterinarian, and also drives a corvette.


article-2730843-20AFF04800000578-90_470x634This hat is quite a statement, and the pearls draw your eyes away from  . . . her eyes. Spooky Easter.


Sporty Easter HatThis is more my style of a sharp looking hat. Just adorable. And speaking of adorable . . .


Easter hat for little girl. Just Adorable!Ooohh! Most of the little girls around here sport big bows in their hair instead of hats, but you have to admit, this is pretty cute.


basketHere’s my recipe for Easter Bunny Snacks from last year. (HERE). Hope you have your Easter outfit ready to go and your day of celebration is rain-free!


Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Let not your heart be troubled
Let not your soul be sad
Easter is a time of joy
When all hearts should be glad
Glad to know that Jesus Christ
Made it possible for men
To have their sins forgiven
And, like Him, to love again
So at this joyous season
May the wondrous Easter Story
Renew our faith so we may be
Partakers of His glory

……Helen Steiner Rice

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