Alabama’s in a New York state of mind

April 29, 2016


Leslie Anne Tarabella, New York state of mind
Presidential candidate Ted Cruz stirred up a hornet’s nest when he poked the proverbial stick at New York values. His intention was to distance himself from “them” and unite himself with everyone else in America who he assumed didn’t identify with the Big Apple. Of course, the master of all non-politicians, Donald Trump, gave Cruz an earful about what it means to have New York values, and when he did, I listened closely and shockingly realized . . . no, could it be true? Mercy daisy! Does Alabama share New York’s values?


Leslie Anne Tarabella, heart of Dixie tag


Wait a cotton pickin’ minute. They’re brash. We’re genteel. They’re “youse guys.” We’re “y’all.” They love bagels. We love biscuits.


But the more I pondered the matter, the clearer it became. Alabama and New York are very much alike.

Leslie Anne Tarabella, sweet home alabama

The first thing noted by Trump was a New Yorker’s ability to be “honest” and use “straight talk.” Well, here in Sweet Home Alabama, we’re honest as the day is long, (if you don’t count the Governor) and as for straight talk, I’ll admit it takes us 12 minutes to tell you how to cook 5 minute grits, but

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