Acqua Alta in Venice!

June 13, 2019


Lino Frizzo, owner of Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice Italy, looking very happy to have The Majorettes are Back in Town in his English speaking section.

Crazy internet here — photos are popping in and out. I’ll try to fix it all up later. Thanks for the patience.

When you write a book these days, it’s up to the author to publicize and work to get the book into stores. Unless of course, your name is Jan Karon, Mary Kay Andrews or Fannie Flagg. Until my name change becomes official . . . I promised I’d work like crazy to promote my book, come hell or high water. So . . . here’s the high water part.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have figured out that I’m roaming around Italy for a while and as long as I’m in the neighborhood, you know, I may as well pay a visit to a fabulous bookstore. Listed as one of the 10 bookstores worth traveling for (in the entire world) by The Discovery Blog, Acqua Alta is everything you’d think a bookstore in Venice would be. Acqua Alta deals with the annual floods in Venice by stacking their books high to the ceiling as well as placing them in bathtubs and a real gondola in the middle of the store!

Everywhere you look . . . books!

And cats!

You can see the back door is level with the canal, which makes the sitting area a cozy and entertaining spot for curling up with a good book. Everyone in the store was having a fabulous time and Lino was a gracious and wonderful host, individually helping each customer.

The book-steps in the back courtyard lead to another view of the canal. This area is regularly flooded with water coming over the wall. I tried to translate, “Please put my books up high!”

The front of the store is tucked away down one of the meandering cool and narrow lanes. The good news is, if my book sells out, I told Lino I’d be glad to make a trip over to deliver more! Ciao!

One last note from Venice – today is my dear friend Jule Moon’s 100th birthday and I’m so sad to miss her party. You know I’ve mentioned her here on the blog and in stories many times because she’s so very dear to me. I told her we’d celebrate again when I return, so I’m looking forward to that day. Happy Birthday to Jule!

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