A Valentine’s Day video

February 11, 2021


Valentine’s Day 2020 was one of the last big flings we had before the world shut down with COVID-19. If we had only known how strange things would get the next month, I think we would have all celebrated on an even larger scale. Here are the cookies I baked and decorated in 2020.

And we managed to fit in a party or two.

And here are a few of the friends I shared the cookies with. It was our last big party before COVID prohibited me from visiting them.

 My heart is breaking being away from these friends for so long. I’ve checked on them through some of my teacher friends and have dropped off craft supplies and books, but it’s just not the same as laughing with them in person each week.

My other big Valentine’s Day cooking project last year was this heart shaped homemade ravioli. 

Stuffed with sun dried tomato goat cheese filing, it was delicious with a tomato sauce, grilled vegetables and steaks hot off the grill. We’ve learned to stay away from the overcrowded restaurants on Valentine’s Day and like to cook something fun at home.

Live and learn, I should have rolled the pasta dough thinner — but it was still amazing! It takes lots of practice to get the hang of thicker sweet cookie dough vs. the thin sheets of pasta. Practice makes perfect, so I’ll keep trying. The song? A favorite: (I do) like we do, by my favorite: Harry Connick Jr.

This year, I’m not baking cookies — maybe by Easter I’ll be back in the groove. It all seems so sad and abnormal right now. Perhaps another batch of homemade pasta will help. Are you doing anything special?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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