A sweet gift and I need your HELP!

September 4, 2020


M&F Casuals Leslie Anne Tarabella

I’ve always said I have the kindest readers, and sure enough, you all came through and cheered me in a big way last week when I told you about losing my sweet beagle, Lois Lane. There were even more terrible things going on I didn’t mention, so my normal happy self was low-low-low. I can’t thank you enough for your loving messages.

Gretchen Scott from M&F Casuals - by Leslie Anne Tarabella

My favorite downtown shop, M&F Casuals took great pity on me, and noticing I’d missed a big sale, knew something must be wrong. (Is she trapped under something heavy? Do we call 911? Do we alert the police?) The M&F ladies who love and value each and every customer — even if you’ve only shopped with them once, sent a sparkly Fashion Fairy to my house and left a treat on my front porch.

The card started by saying, “Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough week.” I was thrilled to find the fluffy bag held my favorite Gretchen Scott tokens of love. They know I just love Gretchen Scott dresses, pants and shorts, and M&F Casuals loves their customers. I had big tears in my eyes thinking about how in the midst of this violent, angry, troubled world, there are still good people who love one another. And businesses that truly care about their customers. Thanks ladies!

Fairhope Public Library
Fairhope Public Library

Now . . . I need your brain power! I’ve been invited to appear as an author for the Fairhope Public Library Author Chats which is a new feature on their web site that allows local authors to talk about their work, and I need your help with discussion ideas.

In a normal small Alabama town, this would be a cute little fluffy feature, but this is FAIRHOPE ALABAMA  where writers grow up to have  Pulitzer Prizes attached to their names (Rick Bragg) and Garden and Gun calls (Sonny Brewer), movies made about their work (Fried Green Tomatoes and Forest Gump ). I’m honored and excited to be included in this Author Chat series.

Writing skills - author Leslie Anne Tarabella

I’ll record my episode on September 9th  These videos usually last around 10-15 minutes which would make some people panic, but I . . . well, okay, If I’m passionate about my topic, I can talk forever!

So I’m coming to you my blog readers for some guidance. Please help me with solid topics and questions you’d like to hear me discuss. You can leave the ideas in the comment section below (you don’t have to leave your real name), or send me a private email. 

I’m also going to be announcing my new book on the video . . . out soon! As soon as the FPL’s video is ready to post, I’ll be sure to share it with you. 

Send in those questions and suggestions! Thanks. 

As an example of recent author chats, Here’ s my friend Alan Samry talking about his new book, Clay City Tile – CLICK the link: https://www.facebook.com/FairhopeLibrary/videos/937831713352741

Flora and Fauna - South Alabama by Leslie Anne Tarabella

And this picture has nothing to do with anything in particular. It’s just a cool log I found in my backyard that reminded me to find beauty in everything — to give thanks in everything and to rejoice in the midst of the storm. I went back the next day to look at it again, and it had deteriorated into nothing special. — Enjoy and appreciate the moment!

Update: You can see the finished video I did by clicking here:  Fairhope Public Library.  I had to punt and record the video at my house due to the hurricane. 

  • I just love how you turn everyday frustrations into something to laugh about.

  • I try to stick to positive blogs, news, etc and try to avoid avoid the negative stuff. My two favorites are yours and Sean of the South. I can count on y’all to have uplifting stories that make my day better. I recently had my 77th birthday and don’t need any incentive for feeling old – I’ve paid my dues. Thank you for who you are and what you represent and write about.

    • Well, isn’t that the nicest thing! Thank you for the kind words and also the honor of being linked to Sean. He’s a wonderful writer and I think it’s funny that he and I both write about the same geographical area of NW Florida and South Alabama, yet we’re totally different in our approach. He’s great. I agree with you, and age doesn’t matter here, being positive and looking for the joy in life is definitely the best way to live. Thanks again Wayne.

  • Okay, I actually watched Alan’s video…very interesting and I liked his outdoor tour. Fairhope is shown everywhere! Beautiful home featured in the September Southern Lady. And I binged watched Hart of Dixie…they were always going to Fairhope. A visit is now on my bucket list! What lovely ladies to bring you a gift bag too.

    My first thought (let’s be practical y’all!) …what to wear seated in an orange chair with mustard yellow walls! My burning questions: when did you learn to twirl a baton? What is your go to covered dish for dinner on the grounds? Where is the first place you would like to travel when COVID is over? And I loved what GiGi said about dog is God spelled backwards.

    • Picking myself up off the floor. . . you always crack me up. Isn’t Alan interesting? You’d think he’d lived here all his life, except for his accent — but I’m going to give him drawl lessons. And as for what to wear, oh yes! I look hideous in front of those yellow/green walls, so I’ll have to find a way to compensate for the glare. Maybe I’ll just bring my baton with me. There you go —you’ve started trouble now. “Library window damaged by baton twirling author. Repairs in the millions.”

      • I will PAY to watch that!!! I like to ask the really tough, investigative questions!

  • savan Wilson says:

    What an uplifting blog. Yes, M & Fi is the very best and so thoughtful too! Can just see you in that perfect colorful cap! Every time I read another of your thoughtful , very creative and clever writings each week I marvel at how you must do it. My question is similar to one above – Do you keep a pad of thoughts, ideas, and themes for the future and HOW do you craft each piece to be so worthy each and every week on deadline? How long does it take you in general?

    Look forward to the new book and seeing you during the library program online.

    • Oh! Good questions! I may need to ask the library if I can schedule a part2, part3 and part4! Glad you like the M&F ladies. Even if you aren’t having a shopping/buying/take-it-home kind of day, it’s always the prettiest store to pop into to browse. They are friendly to both lookers and serious shoppers!

  • Gigi Hackford says:

    Wow ! Golly … Sweet friend ! … Dog is God spelled backwards … unconditional LOVE … so your time with sweet Lois Lane was precious … and love has no location … ! That love continues …
    And the library talk … congrats … the creative process is always fascinating … that “ah ha ! “ moment … the starts and stops … the discipline to do the work ! You will pull it off splendidly !
    Love you !

    • Hi Gigi, thanks for the sweet thoughts about Lois. And the creative process is a great topic to address. Good thought! Thank you!

  • How long did it take your to write your first book? What about the second one??

    So, sorry you’ve had a rotten week. Sending love.
    Miss you.

    • Good questions to go with. Thanks Marjoire, happy Labor Day Weekend to you.

  • Karyn Tunks says:

    How do you commit to keep writing even when you’re not “in the mood?”

    • In case children watch the video, I don’t think “banging my head against the wall” will be a good answer, so I’ll have to rethink that, but good direction! thanks dear!

  • When did you first realize you had a gift/interest for writing?

    What was your first creative writing and do you still have it?

    Is there anyone whom you credit with nurturing your writing ability?

    • Are you really one of my former English teachers? haha! Great questions and I appreciate you sending them to me. Happy Long weekend to you.

  • I’ve always wanted to know your method of writing process. good luck!

    • Hi Dana, Wow! That’s a loaded topic, but I used to always want to know the same thing when I’d go hear authors speak at my local bookstore. I’ll try to fit something about process, but really,I could spend an hour on just this! Thanks, and don’t forget to tune in next week for the final video.

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