Southern Ladylike Words

March 4, 2016


Southern Ladylike Words

Several years ago, I posted a list of my favorite Southern Belle words. It proved to be one of my most popular posts and was pinned on Pinterest a zillion times or so.


After contemplating the original list, I’ve decided to freshen it a bit because I’ve realized there are other dandy words that are used by my charming friends with enchanting regularity, and also because how could I possibly have created a list about favorite Southern words without including the word, “tacky?”


I swanee!


Whether you live in the South or not, what are some of your favorite words that identify you as hailing from your own enchanting region?


Be a sweetie and do-tell!


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    1. I wasn’t going for all the crazy colloquialisms, just the general more accepted verbiage.

      But I’m so proud of your foreign language advancements. You are officially Southern and must have had a wonderful influence from a charming Belle.

  1. Sussie, I never go to a party without taking a little sussie for the hostess. I have a closet full of emergency sussies just incase. You never know when you might need one.

  2. Wow, I’m southern through and through! “Beau” was what my grandmother called my boyfriends, now it’s a common name…….I”m pinning this one!

  3. I can think of one very quickly, but give me some time, and I can probably come up with some more.
    A polite phrase for saying that someone was ugly as a mud fence was “she’s so singularly unattractive.”

    If I think of more, maybe I will come back and share.

    1. Oh yes! Please do. I’m sure you have a boat load!

      Singularly unattractive. Now that’s a hoot!!!

  4. You make me laught out loud! The conversation in the porch swing picture is exactly the way it my aunts would have said it.

    1. That’s the exact word my husband ridiculed me for in college when I told him my typewriter (not keyboard on a computer) was getting jammed when I mashed the “m” key.

      I like your example of the margarita machine better.

  5. Fixin’ ( as in getting ready to do something. Endearments just couldn’t get too sugary! My grandmother called me “sugar darling” and I loved it.

  6. When I went to college in CA I was endlessly mocked for “buggy” (Shopping cart) and “tote” used as a verb

    1. I think others refer to Belles, but Belles rarely use the term themselves. Strange, now that I think about it.

  7. How can anyone from the south say, “Now make sure and make my hair full when you style it”, without using the word poofy?
    Poofy hair, dresses or anything that’s better when big!

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