A New Year’s field trip to Italy

January 1, 2017


Well, I told you we’d be taking Joseph on a little homeschool field trip . . .


Here we are in Italy!


My husband and I came here five years ago in mid-January, and there were no crowds whatsoever. This time, it just happened to work out that our son Harrison has the month of January off from college, so we thought it would be the perfect time to return, this time with both boys. It turns out, the BEGINNING of January is a very popular time to travel for Italians. They are out of school and celebrate Christmas in a big way through January 6th, which is Epiphany and the day the children get their gifts. So . . . it’s quite crowded.

We’ve attended a beautiful concert of Christmas music, and have seen fabulous art, even on ceilings.


And we’ve met many interesting people from all over the world. Everyone is very nice, and I’ve noticed on crowded city busses, or even as the police walk by, the Italians all smell wonderful. It’s like it rains Armani and Versace over here.


The days have been bright and sunny in the mid 50°s, so we’ve just thrown coats on, and with all the walking we’ve done — 6 to 9 miles a day (!), we’ve been glad it isn’t hot. At times, if we’re in the sun, we’ve needed to take our coats off, so it’s been completely lovely.


And I may have had a bite or two of some really good food.


Mmm. I think it’s time to eat again. Everything above is fairly self-expalinitory, but the top middle photo is of a stuffed, fried olive. It was mixed with some kind of sausage and fried to have a hard, crunchy shell. Very tasty.


Stick around for a few more updates from our classroom in Rome . . . and beyond! Boun Anno!


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