A Gulf Coast Thanksgiving Quiz

November 26, 2012


Him: I shot this mistletoe down in Bay Minette just this afternoon, so it’s fresh.
Her: Just like you!
Take this Thanksgiving quiz to see if you really are a Gulf Coast native. 

This Thanksgiving weekend did you . . .

Eat or pick Satsumas  – 1 point

Use Satsumas in a recipe – 3 points

Got Satsumas?

Shoot mistletoe out of a tree – 2 points

Shoot a deer – 3 points

Shoot anything, for that matter – 2 points

Mabel Lynn runs out behind Granddaddy’s house to shoot some Mistletoe real quick like.

Watch Football on TV- 1 point

Attend a Football game – 2 points

Stand at attention and sing the National Anthem (whether you were at the game or not) – 3 points

Attend a cane grinding – 3 points

Start a bonfire – 1 point

Walk on the beach – 1 point

Pick up pecans – 1 point

Eat a home made pecan pie – 2 points

Utter the phrase, “You grab the buggy, I’ll meet you at the big TV”s.” – 1 point

For the Oyster Soup

Shuck oysters – 2 points

Decorate your Christmas Tree – while wearing shorts – 2 points

Look Mom!  The Wilson’s are here! 

And for extra credit, if you traveled over the river and through the woods and happened to stop at at a Stuckey’s on I-10, or Priester’s Pecans on Hwy. 65 and ran into someone you know . . . 5 points!

Okay, what’s your score?

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  1. You are such a wonderful writer. I sure hope the town of Fairhope recognizes you. I did a few of these and I am in Georgia and not a sports fan.

  2. On my last trip to the coast I stopped at Priester’s on I-65 and my husband has been decorating the tree in shorts. I live close enough and visit often enough to be a native!

    Great post!

    The French Hutch

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