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December 2, 2020


Book Signing in Smyrna GA for Exploding Hushpuppies - by Leslie Anne Tarabella

The ladies in the photo are friends of mine since around 1995 when I lived in Marietta, GA. They came to my book signing at The Old Smyrna Firehouse and I was so excited to see them! Judie, Martha and Karen were always so fun. We met at church and Junior League and all had babies and toddlers who played together. It was so good to see them again!

Book Signing for Exploding Hushpuppies - by Leslie Anne Tarabella

The night air was cool, several people I knew and a few readers I didn’t know contacted me to say they couldn’t come because of the COVID virus. I knew this was going to be a difficult time to release a book! One of my brother’s neighbors told him she had already ordered the book — thank you!!! (AMAZON) but couldn’t make it due to being careful. I totally understand and want everyone to feel safe. We ended up with about 30 – 35 people there. We staggered the times, so people were spread out and came and went on their own schedule, which helped keep the crowd thin. We were outdoors, so that also helped. We ate delicious hushpuppies cooked by my brother using our Dad’s recipe – yum! This crowd was Christmas shopping and bought TONS of books for gifts. It was a great event- in a business sort of way, but I also had fun-fun-fun in a friend sort of way!

Book Signing at Page and Palette Bookstore in Fairhope Alabama for Exploding Hushpuppies - by Leslie Anne Tarabella

Then December 1st was the last official event at my hometown bookstore of Page and Palette. They had not hosted an indoor event in a long time, so we weren’t sure how things would go. It turned BITTERLY COLD (for people in South Alabama) and when the temperatures drop like a rock (into the 40’s) people act like it’s another hurricane. They were snatching up all the bread and milk in the stores, but the worst thing . . . leave it to Fairhope . . . the Piggly Wiggly was out of SILVER POLISH! Oh dear! What will the ladies do? Don’t worry, they’ve assured me more is on the way via a large truck. Anyway, it was a crazy night.

Book Signing at Page and Palette Bookstore in Fairhope, AL  for Exploding Hushpuppies - by Leslie Anne Tarabella

The last event was probably the most relaxed and enjoyable. Not many people could attend because of the panic of COVID and COLD WEATHER, but I still had a decent crowd who asked great questions and I had a great time meeting new readers, so . . . I’m happy! We all drank hot chocolate in tiny little cups and had plenty of cheer. Thanks to everyone who braved the cold and covid and whatever else was lurking in the dark!

Healthy recipe - Brussel sprouts and carrots with pecans - Leslie Anne Tarabella

Now for the recipe from Thanksgiving that everyone loved. I know I frustrate my readers with my “recipes,” because like my grandmother, I never write anything down and don’t really measure. If you were to google this, I’m sure you could find an official recipe, but I’ll just tell you how I made it and you can take it from there. Everyone LOVED this and it was so beautiful and healthy too.

. . . here’s how it worked: trim, then slice BRUSSEL SPROUTS in half and chop CARROTS (some people like to use sweet potatoes instead of carrots, but I feel like they get too mushy). Melt BUTTER – in a cast iron skillet, just enough to coat the bottom of the pan – plus one more dollop for flavor! Add a dash of BALSAMIC VINEGAR to the pan. Place Brussel sprouts cut side down in skillet to brown them. After a few minutes, add carrots.

Healthy recipe - Brussel sprouts and carrots with pecans - Leslie Anne Tarabella

This time, I added a few sliced onions – just because onions make everything better. I put a lid on it to allow it all to steam and the carrots to soften – stirring every now and then. A light sprinkling of BROWN SUGAR, SALT, PEPPER and toss PECAN HALVES in, stirring to coat in the butter, vinegar, sugar goodness. – ta-da! When it has all softened but still maintains a little “snap,” you’re DONE! It was delicious!

Happy healthy eating, and thanks to all who attended book signings over the past few weeks.

To order my book, Exploding Hushpuppies hard or soft cover or ebook version — audio will be available in a few weeks:

Westbow Press


locally at Page and Palette Bookstore – Fairhope, AL (I can personalize it and they’ll ship anywhere)

The Haunted Bookshop – Mobile, Alabama

Barnes and Noble nationwide

Ask your local bookstore to order! – thank you a million times!

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