Planting of the Poinsettias

December 2, 2015


IMG_2491Fairhope’s Flower Fairies were caught in action, with the Christmas poinsettias in hand.



The perfectly pretty poinsettias were being planted yesterday in time for the holiday season. Not only do they make our downtown area beautiful, but the flower beds also serve to slow down traffic. During the past few years, the city has also dug up the center median in some areas of the streets and planted small trees, which also helps manage traffic and create more green spaces.



The flower displays are changed four to six times a year and most are grown in the city-owned greenhouse.

Here’s an interesting guide to local trees, with the advantages and disadvantages of each type listed (HERE).

IMG_2496This winter arrangement often includes bright white paperwhites as well, so they may be added later.


IMG_2487We had warm temperatures yesterday (79°), but by this evening, it’s supposed to dip down into the the low 60’s and then into the 40’s overnight. Brrr! Air Conditioning one day, heat the next. That’s the way we roll.


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  1. It is one of the first things I look for when I get a chance to visit Fairhope. The variety of beautiful flowers used in the city planters is always amazing. Great pictures.

    1. Thanks Carrie. The husband shot these for me. I have him trained now to recognize a good blog photo when he sees one! Come visit again soon.

  2. The flowers of Fairhope always make visiting there a pleasure. I always enjoy the hanging baskets on the lamp posts, they add a pretty natural look and pops of color. Yes, the AC during the day here and heat on in the evening. That is the norm for us.
    Have a great day…………..

    1. They really are a tropical plant and some people have noticed how they have to be replaced every now and then when it gets too cold. I’ve seen them cover the beds at night every now and then.
      Happy week to you too Katie!

    1. As all change, it was controversial, but everyone seems to have adapted now. When the crepe myrtles in the medians are in bloom, it’s beautiful.

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