200 ideas for Autumn in the South!

September 19, 2016



Later this week, Thursday to be exact, it’s finally autumn. After my article about everyone jumping the gun and forcing Spiced Pumpkin Latte’s down our throats in the middle of the summer, (HERE) I’ve been reluctant to put out the first pumpkin for fear of being labeled an autumnal hypocrite.



But you have to understand, it’s still steamy hot here on the Gulf Coast. Actually, it’s cooled down a bit and should only be around 90° today. (Yip-freakin’-eee! Put a pot of chili on the stove!) I still have my summer things out, but any second now, I’ll start flinging acorns, pumpkins and (fake) orange leaves everywhere.



All of you in the North East, experiencing cool, crisp mornings . . . enjoy it. We’ll talk again in February.


a3fb73ca6e97787d7675fb78f2da5e2bBut I feel it’s okay to go ahead and reveal my updated Pinterest board . . . Autumn in the South so we can start planning for Thursday. It’s a page geared specifically for Southern Autumns and contains the beautiful ideas you see here and MORE!


13f8512bbcf7e0624ae753bcaed27181The Pinterest board isn’t only about saltwatery-seashelly-sandy things. Look at this! We have lots and lots of pinecones around here, and now, thanks to Pinterest, we can make them into pretty, prickly garlands!


95106c0d2c5b70734f1d311ded251fb7And don’t forget about my awesome friend Ann who threw a fabulous autumn party last year (HERE). You’ll see some of the photos from her party on the Pinterest page. Isn’t her chandelier amazing?


a420653c4e106985d55ed0ce45fc14e5I do however, want to warn fellow Southerners about using squishy candies like this as centerpieces ever since I tried it and the humidity stuck it all together like one big candy corn brick. Also . . . if you’re using real acorns indoors, just like Spanish moss, put it in a Ziplock bag, vent the corner and microwave it for about a minute or so. Just enough to kill the . . . BIG HAIRY SOUTHERN BUGS!!! (I learned the hard way on that one too!). Hmmm. There may be a story in that. Stay tuned.




Click HERE to see over 200 fun Southern ways to celebrate autumn. I promise, it only contains one or two cheesy, “Happy Fall, Y’all” signs.


So confess, are you already decorated for fall?


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  • I’ve been seeing so many fall decor posts lately and Im itching to get all mine out! It’s still so HOT though! I really love all of the fall/beach ideas here. I wish we lived closer to the coast! I might just have to pretend we do and decorate like it 😉

    • Leslie Anne says:

      What I’ve learned the hard way is not to carve your pumpkin too early. The heat will make it rot quicker than a jack rabbit!

  • Not on your life! I almost passed out today when I was in the attic. (Looking for fall pillows)

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Whew! Be careful up there!

  • The other day my grandson spotted a pumpkin on the shelf and said, are you thinking about Halloween already Gigi??? I tried to explain that when you’re a lifestyle blogger you have to do things way in advance blah blah blah… I don’t think he really understood…and he has a point, it’s still as you say, freakin’ 90+ degrees!!! But I am going to hop on my broom and fly over to your Pinterest board to check out all the goodies!!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      And you have a beautiful white sandy beach to keep you in the summer spirit all year!

  • Beautiful ideas! I decorated the inside of my house last Friday, but can’t buy pumpkins and mums yet for the outside because it’s stinkin’ 97 degrees here in Texas! Ugh! I need some cool temps ASAP!
    Have a great week, Leslie Anne!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Boy, Texas has it bad at 97! Hang in there!

  • Great ideas, Leslie Anne! Just the motivation I needed to get my rear in gear! Have a great week!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      I think you have the advantage with the fall feel in the air! Enjoy your cool days!

  • I have held off this year. I learned my lesson last year, when I was ready to take it all down in a month and there was still half of October and November to go. I have just looked and gathered ideas and enjoyed everyone else’s pictures, but I will pulling out those fake orange leaves and pumpkins at the end of the week.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      I feel your pain and will think of you on Thursday as I join you in decking the (humid) halls.

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