1897 Cottage

July 21, 2014


IMG_9844When Rachel told me she was taking me to meet her friends Betty and Jim, who just renovated a two bedroom cottage, I envisioned a tiny little place, but I was surprised to see the grand style and spaciousness of this “tiny” two bedroom home in historic Marietta, Georgia.


IMG_9770Originally built in 1897, Betty and Jim only moved in last year and got busy restoring the cottage to its original beauty, while reconfiguring a few rooms to give a lighter and more open feel to the house.

IMG_9776These cabinets were added to the dining room for extra storage and a visual point of interest. The doors were originally installed between the two front rooms. The calming abstract paintings on the sides were painted by Betty.


IMG_9771The true charm of this home comes from the unique and personal touches throughout the house. Jim’s Mother was from Peru, and many of the items and artwork are from her home. Everything has a story . . . and it doesn’t start with, “I popped into IKEA . . .”  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I actually love that place!)


Can you see how open and flowing the house is by spotting Betty in the photo above, back in the kitchen? She was preparing a tasty shortbread for us!


Shortbread CollageDoesn’t the shortbread look great? It smelled as good as it tasted. The silver frames in the bottom photo are from Peru, and what’s that in the bottom center photo? Is it my friend Douglas Frey’s book on historic homes in Marietta? Why, yes it is! Betty and Jim are featured in that book in their previous home, which was a fabulous old loft.

The golden framed paintings on the top right are “Cusquena” style and also from Peru. The painting in the center is lovingly referred to as “Aunt Bertha” and was painted by a friend’s Uncle.
IMG_9786Betty and Jim were wonderful hosts, and there is so much more to see, so stay tuned tomorrow for part 2 of the 1897 Cottage!

Read part two HERE.


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