1897 Cottage – Part Two

July 22, 2014



IMG_9841Penelope Jane rang me at the crack of dawn to say Part One of the 1897 Cottage had kept her awake all night with visions of gleaming wood floors, tall ceilings, and front porches with views of luscious crepe myrtles. “I can almost smell the delectable homemade shortbread Betty made and it’s driving me mad!” she reported.


If you missed Part One of this enchanting cottage, CLICK HERE to see for yourself what has driven poor Penelope Jane to the point of waking me from a deep sleep.


But back to the house . . .

IMG_9800How is this for chic? The painted letters project is so simple, yet full of fun. The talented homeowner Betty, stenciled these letters on her kitchen stools. I asked if she rearranged them at 4pm to say, “TEA,” and she gave me a  glance, as if to say I should really keep my stray thoughts to myself  (but she still let me have some of her amazing shortbread).

knob CollageA talented artist, with her works mixed throughout the house, Betty has an eye for design that lends  itself to to every area of her beautiful home.

IMG_9807Another Peruvian treasure is this eye- catching painting . . . or is it a tapestry? It’s both! From a distance, it’s a mesmerizing painting of a colorful woven cloth, but at the bottom of the painting . . .

IMG_9809are actual threads. This should be in a museum! So beautiful. I stared at it for a very long time, and decided this piece is typical of what I love about this home. Not only is it loaded with fascinating architecture and historical stories, but it’s also full of the homeowner’s collections, which make it so upredictable and memorable.

IMG_9830The entire house is flooded with natural light which showcases the beautiful furnishings and artwork.


IMG_9788Each and every piece has a memory, whether it was painted by Betty, or a friend or relative.


IMG_9808The bookcase is a newer addition with pieces of  pottery displayed that were found in a riverbed by Jim’s Mother.


IMG_9829I love how the floors tell the story of renovations and additions over the years as walls were moved to accommodate a more practical modern flow throughout the two bedroom cottage without damaging any of the original character.


garden CollageAnd just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the outdoor garden, potting shed and porch sit in tranquility beneath the much needed shade in the Georgia summer. Friends are often invited to spend an evening watching lightening bugs blink among the flowers, and fireworks explode in the nighttime sky from close-by Marietta Square.


Betty and Jim have created the perfect Southern cottage. A truly unique home that feels welcoming to all.


Now, go dream some more, Penelope Jane!


If you want to see Part One of this story, CLICK HERE.


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  • How gracious of them to allow us all in for a tour. What a lovely place, so homey and so interesting. I would never tire of hearing all the stories of each of her pieces.

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful tour of this gorgeous old home, so beautifully furnished and decorated all over. I live in Ecuador and the Peruvian artwork is very similar to some I have from famous Ecuadorian artists!

  • Thanks for linking up! I absolutely loved this! My husband is an architect and we’ve always wanted to restore an old house together. Maybe one day! Right now, we have our hands full with three boys and fostering a little girls so this post/tour is exactly what I needed to help tide me over 😉 Absolutely gorgeous and so well done!
    -S.L. Payne, uncommongrace.net

  • Do you have any details about the art piece hanging above the fireplace? One of the characters appears to be in swim pose.

  • Beautiful! No wonder this place has stuck in your minds! I might borrow the idea of labeling the stools in the kitchen. And I would absolutely let you rearrange them for 4pm tea!

  • What a gorgeous home filled with items that show a life well lived. Fabulous family pieces and vignettes created with thought and love. Amazing!

  • Oh my, I could move right in! Such a lovely home and decorated to perfection. Love those outdoor spaces too. Thanks sweet girl for the tour, now I’m off to see the first one.

  • Oh, I love a house full of light! Neat vignettes. I was especially drawn to the baby shoes and spoons. Great to see a home reveal the owners personality.

  • Well this just takes my breath away. What a lovely place.

  • Love the two-day tour of this pretty house. The tapestry is fabulous! And the shortbread was delicious! Thanks, Betty and Jim! Old houses are the best, especially in the hands of talented and imaginative owners.

  • Lovely, lovely, lovely. The glass doorknob sent a flood of memories about my precious Nanee’s house built in 1936. I happen to have 3 stools at my counter so guess what project I’ll do next?

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