Fun things to distract me from a hot, long summer

August 14, 2017



I’ve made some rookie mistakes with this book that’s coming out this fall (cross fingers, make a wish it’s still on schedule), but how was I to know what to do? Stressful things have been slung at me, one after the other, which has resulted in a very strange summer.



Anyway, I love looking at fun, inspiring, pretty, distracting sorts of things. My lagniappe Pinterest page is full of fun  sorts of images that make me feel better. An on-line scrapbook of sorts.

Here’s one of the things that distracts me from this cruel world — pretty shoes.


I don’t think I could really walk in these, but they sure are fun to look at. Feet candy. They are the kind of shoes talk show hostesses wear while they are sitting in chairs, dangling their feet around. I’m sure when commercial breaks come and they have to run backstage, they kick them off. At least, I would.

This shirt is also pinned on my Lagniappe page. I think I’ll send one to the chick who’s lifting my pithy words and using them for her own.


Being passionate about a project is fun, but it’s also exhausting.



And if my own tiny issues weren’t bad enough, the entire world seems to have gone crazy this summer. Such meanness and anger from every corner of our world. It’s a strange place in which we live, these days.


Order. I think that’s what we all want this summer. For everything to fit nicely in it’s place and to sit there and look beautiful.

I’ll continue working on the book, and at some point, I’ll organize my homeschool plan for this coming year, (he’s a senior!!! How did that happen??). If you want to take a look at more of my collection of fun, sassy, inspiring and beautiful images from my Lagniappe Pinterest page, click HERE. You can just browse, or follow along to get updates.

Happy hot August days to you, and hang in there. A new day is just around the corner!

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  1. Friend, Trials do come and things to get our feathers all ruffled. I am praying that book comes out soon and it all goes well. I know I can’t wait to get my copy. You hang in there…your little light will shine soon and it will shine for Him.
    I hate to say this, but if your baby is beginning the senior year then life is about to take wings and just fly by at supersonic speed. I think you probably already know that. Hold onto him if you can. Enjoy every moment even those when they don’t want you around.

  2. Leslie Anne, that would not be whining! Call her out on this, tell the truth and shame the devil! Nicely, of course, because you are one of the nice people in this world. And that’s all most of us can do right now, be a nice person in our own little sphere of influence.

    I can’t even imagine trying to structure lessons for a senior! What a job you have ahead, that and a book too! Eat your Wheaties, young lady!

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