Can’t draw a straight line? Meet Stacy LaFleur (she’ll help).

April 26, 2016


Stacy LaFleur, artist in residence, Fairhope, AlabamaGorgeous Stacy LaFleur has the passion and love for all things beautiful — and the brains to know exactly how to teach others to be creative when they thought there was no hope, in more ways than one.

Homestead Village, Fairhope AL, Leslie Anne TarabellaCurrently serving as the Artist in Residence at Homestead Village in Fairhope, Stacy, who has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from McNeese State University, offers painting classes to the entire community in the charming village setting.


Stacy LaFleur, Fairhope, ALThe building has been refurbished to house her studio where she teaches students of different levels, from the advanced, down to those who think a box of fat crayons is all they can handle. Stacy’s students are amazed at her ability to give instructions that are so clear and obvious, they are equipped to produce  artwork after their first lesson.


Stacy LaFleur, Fairhope ALYears of development have resulted in an on-line program that gives users access to Stacy’s methodical art lessons that can be watched at the viewer’s own pace. Not only have children and adults of all levels benefited from this program, but because it’s self-paced, many children with special needs have found great success by following Stacy’s soothing method.


Stacy LaFleur, Fairhope ALThe day I visited the studio, about a dozen ladies had gathered to paint sunflowers. “It’s as much fun to get together with other people of similar interest as it is to paint, and on top of that, I get a great painting to take home that I’m not embarrassed of!” laughed one woman.


Stacy LaFleur, Fairhope ALThese paintings are examples from past classes. Stacy provides all the materials you’ll possibly need, including the canvas, brushes and paints!


Stacy LaFleur, Fairhope ALThis is one of the many larger paintings that hangs inside the main building gallery area at Homestead Village. Stacy does commission work and decorative home paintings, but one of her greatest joys is leading corporate seminars and teaching stuffy office types to step out of their everyday way of thinking and add some creativity to their world.


Stacy LaFleur, Fairhope ALHere’ s Stacy with her student Christine. Many of the students found this class through the Eastern Shore Friends Facebook page where there is a list of activities anyone can join. From games to shopping, it’s a great way to get to meet people with similar interests.


Stacy LaFleur, Fairhope ALThis was a commission piece of a New Orleans home in the French Quarter. Classes start at $39, but if you look for the special code (hint— it’s, “Fairhope Friend”) on the Eastern Shore Friends Facebook page, you’ll get a deal for only $27! Wow!”


Stacy LaFleur, Fairhope AL

Isn’t it time you tried something new? Even if you aren’t in the Fairhope area, I’m sure there’s a place near you to get involved in something creative! Act! Dance! Sing! Write! Draw! All the fun is out there waiting for you!


Stacy LaFleur, Fairhope ALStacy loves to travel for corporate events, so if you live near or far, give her a call and arrange a class. You’ll  have a wonderful time, and who knows, you may learn something new about yourself!


To contact Stacy, call: 251-228-2258

or visit her web site HERE.



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