Get me to the Gritz on time!

March 30, 2016


Puttin' on the Gritz, Leslie Anne Tarabella

Last year’s Puttin’ on the Gritz party.

So much has been going on, I don’t know if I’ll be up and ready to attend the 2nd annual Puttin’ on the Gritz! It’s this Saturday, April 2nd at the Fairhope Civic Center, but danged if I don’t feel plum give-out!


I’m running a low fever and have a virus in my lungs that feels like a tractor’s parked on top of me when I try to breath! The doctor gave me the prettiest little pink pills to take, and told me to drink lots of fluids, so I’m propped up in bed with a pitcher of Bloody Marys trying to recuperate and not miss the best party of the year! (just kidding there, doc)! Click HERE to see photos from last year’s party.



I’m rarely sick, but overextending myself always makes me feel puny. It all started last week when my college guy came home for Easter. I won’t expose the guilty party, but someone forgot he was home and backed into his car in the driveway, and TOTALED IT! It wasn’t a fast or hard hit, but it was an exact hit that destroyed the light, bumper, hood and side fender. It would cost more to repair than it was worth so . . . we had to go car shopping. Just what we didn’t plan on doing = stress.


Puttin' on the Gritz Truck - Leslie Anne Tarabella

This is what we got him. Ha-ha! Just kidding! It’s the official Puttin’ on the Gritz Truck!

I reminded my husband that having boys has cost us very little all these years, and unless I get my wish and they marry orphans so I can be in charge of their weddings, we really won’t have too much to spend there . . . so in the grand scheme of things, a used car isn’t too bad . . . is it? My son earned the money for his first car and we surprised him with a little upgrade when he went to college, so this wasn’t in the plan. We’ll sell the old car, “as is,” so we hope to be (almost) even in the end.


In addition, he’s a really good kid who is making good grades and behaving himself in college. Unlike his raunchy mother who makes jokes about drinking Bloody Marys in bed. 


Jeep - Leslie Anne Tarabella

Ahh. That’s more like it.

Then I helped with our church’s flower cross. In the rain. For four hours. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing things like that and I had great fun, but it probably wasn’t the best thing for me since I had started feeling sick that morning. Thank goodness I had my dear friend Jana Rae there to keep me laughing. She’s a doll and a really hard worker!


Leslie Anne Tarabella

I returned home to prepare the next day’s Easter feast and decided I was tired of pork. We’d had BBQ pork and a big tenderloin the week before so I couldn’t face cooking a big ham. Being the brazen rebel that I am, I broke with tradition and served . . . gasp . . . fish! (Jesus was a fisherman, so I think it’s allowed).


Puff Pastry SalmonWe love salmon, so I made this baked salmon in puff pastry with all the other Easter trimmings and it was delicious. But once again, all I really wanted from the Easter Bunny was a nap.


IMG_1742And speaking of the Easter Bunny, the cake bunny’s head fell off. Yeah, the week just kept getting better and better.


Leslie Anne Tarabella

This is how we looked at church that morning. You’d never know everything at home was crazy. The photo is so dark because it was pouring rain behind us and we couldn’t stand in the light. I was wearing navy and ivory, but looks black here.


And then, the water in the dishwasher and sink backed up. And we couldn’t use the kitchen all day. On Easter. No freaking kidding. N-O- W-A-T-E-R.



And did I mention I dropped an unopened bottle of champagne? In case you’re wondering, it makes a terrific noise when it explodes. No Mimosas for Mama. But the flower cross turned out so pretty.


6fcac3845b59abc8de33dd7d3ca89609So . . . cross your fingers and say a prayer my week improves and I make a strong recovery to attend Puttin’ on the Gritz, because no matter what else happens, I can’t miss this party! Proceeds benefit our dear Eastern Shore Art Center, and this year’s theme is Bacon, Bourbon and Boots and the incredible decor that will blow your mind (poof!) is by Joe Comer of Espalier Landscape Design, the featured designer at this year’s Festival of Flowers.

Espalier - Joe Comer

If you are in the Fairhope area, please come join us. It will be so much fun with ELVIS making an appearance and all the delicious Southern delicacies you can imagine. The silent auction has VERY interesting items, including two Jimmy Buffett tickets that are good at any of his concerts except Las Vegas and NY, and all the details can be found HERE or just call 251-928-2228.

Hope to see you there!


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